"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Memories!

Today, I gazed out of my frosted living room window, and watched my husband and children engage in some quality memory making. We received a good amount of snow where I live, and being that there was no school today, we took the opportunity to do some fun activities with our children. (I was inside with our new little one ; )

As I noticed how strong the interactions were between my husband and children, an overwhelming feeling of being extremely blessed came over me. I couldn't peel my eyes away from the window, as I began to think about my childhood.

I have no memories of playing in the snow with my father. As a matter of fact, I have no memories of spending time with my father as a child, as we did not have a relationship with one another at that time. And, after many years spend hurting, God has blessed me to forgive my childhood situation and accept this fact.

The feeling of being blessed over swept me because I see how God is growing my life. I see that although I don't have memories like the ones that my children have with their father, I see our relationship slowly growing now! And, ironically, I thank God for that.

If each of us is honest with our self, we would admit that we all have something in our past that has caused us pain or hurt in some form or fashion. It is how we view these memories that is important in our spiritual growth! We can view the negative aspects of our lives, and see them the way that God does; as a tool that He intended to grow us in our purpose, and ultimately to draw us closer to Him. On the other hand, we can sulk in those memories and view them as things that negatively impacted or even ruined the course of our lives. The difference in the two is that viewing our pain with our spiritual eyes as God does allows us to see the purpose in it. We can then use it for our good.

Even if you choose to view your negative memories with spiritual eyes, it may still sting a bit physically when you think about them. You may still physically feel pain in your heart and even shed a few tears. It is my belief that God allows us to still feel the pain occasionally because He does not intend for us to ever forget the hurt or pain. Resurfacing those feelings keep us humble. It reminds us of where God has brought us from and how much He truly loves us. It reminds us that we must lean and depend on Him to rescue us from the dangers this world has that can  so easily rip apart our soul.

So, my sweet memories are not only those of feel good moments like my husband and children playing in the snow today; but also are those of hurt and pain from my past. When you can see God's presence in the moment of a memory, whether He is the cause or the effect, that is what makes a memory sweet! Thank You LORD for the sweet memories you have placed in my life and for the sweet memories to come!!!! I love you!

                                                         Spiritual Reflections

1. What are some memories that you have that you thought were negative in your life?

2. Think about how the Lord showed up in these memorable times? If you can identify His presence in either the cause, effect, or solution, pray and ask God to help you view these memorable times as sweet memories focusing on the positive aspects of them more than the negative.

3. Write a love letter, or pray to thank the Lord for your sweet memories.