"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Growing Season...

I gaze into nature and notice that many plants are beginning to sprout, bud, and even bloom. It's still cold outside, and extremely moist. Scientifically speaking, even though we have had a few seventy degree days, the season is still winter. One morning we leave the house with our winter coats, and that same afternoon, we leave our jobs and schools dragging it along after a busy day. The sun has protruded, and graced the earth with its warmth. It is days like this, as few as they are in winter, that strengthen plants enough to begin to sprout, bud, and bloom in a time when they actually should not be able to.

Think of the above situation as a metaphor about life. There are times in our life that simply feel cold. We have messy winters of pain and impatience, among other things. (I, like most people, grow very impatient waiting for seasons to change.) However, just like the sun warms the earth enough to strengthen the plants, our heavenly Father loves us so that He sends just enough of His joy to keep us strong and filled with faith in Him.

Each change a plant makes from the point of a seed to an adult plant is a stage in its growing process. Imagine what our Spring would look like if cold, messy winters stunted the growth of plants. A plant does not just pop out beautiful. It must go though several stages of growth before it is ready to stand tall in its true beauty.

We are like those plants. We must endure some tuff stuff in order to stand tall in our purpose and pure beauty that God wants to display within us. Neither pain, nor the building of patience feels good; but when we endure through it, God rewards us. Its funny, becuase most times, we can not even see the spring in our lives approaching. God simply says its time, and moves in our lives. No more waiting, no more wondering, just praising God for fulfilling His promise to us.

Spring does not mean that you are in the clear. Think about spring. Spring is known for its windy days, rainy days, and even some tornado appearances. However, in spring, at least you have some warmth. The days are not cold, the daylight lasts longer, and beauty is all around you. So, you are able to better deal with a little wind and rain.

Goodbye winter! Hello Spring! I am ready for God to move greatly in my life. And, the thing about spring is that it is always full of surprises. You may enter your yard one morning and only one flower has bloomed. It can storm all day, but you come home that afternoon, and there stands two! My heart smiles when I think about how good God can be even when it simply does not make sense; how good He can be when we know that He shouldn't be; and how good He can be when we least expect it.

Just like that seed or sprouting plant, we have to simply wait through some uncomfortable conditions at times in our lives, but just know that God has a growth plan for us, and everything that we endure, the pain and patience building, is all for our purpose and we shall reap mighty rewards! Hang in there my dear readers. God is faithful and will do everything He promised. Sometimes it just takes some growing to get there.

Dear Father,
In case I haven't told you already today, thank You for loving me! Thank you for sending just enough sunshine to get me through the winters of my life. I thank You for the times of pain and patience building because it was in those times that I grew closer to you. Lord, I realize that all of my growth comes from you and is for your purpose only. I also realize that growth feels uncomfortable sometimes. I love you once again. Please forgive me of my sins, and continue to nourish me. Until we speak again...