"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Matthew 6: 33 reads, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I’m sure that if we searched though archives of Christian writings, listened to recorded Christian sermons, and even had the ability to visit numerous churches on any given Sunday morning, we would encounter this scripture being read, taught, or explained in someone’s testimony. What exactly does “Seek ye first” mean? I thought I knew exactly what this meant, and even thought that I was doing well at trying to honor this command from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s difficult to admit when you have fallen short of something that you thought we were doing so well honoring, but tonight, I must do just that.

When I gave birth to my third child in October of this year, the first thing I began to do was ask God what could I do to be a good parent to this child. (I believe that if you have multiple children, then you have to be a multiple parent because each child has a different personality and different needs that you must meet. You are more than just “a” parent.) The answer that I received hit me head on, and hurt like I had been hit with a pile of bricks. The response was “SEEK YE FIRST…” Matthew 6:33!

“Surely God knows that I am a Christian woman, wife, and mother,” I thought. Where was I going wrong to get a response like this? The answer lied within my PRIORITIES! Yes, the order in which we rank how important things are in our daily lives and routines. God revealed to me that my priorities not only affected my life, but also the lives of my children and even my husband. The priorities that God revealed before me were not merely “to do” list tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning, and errand running, but rather spiritual priorities like spending time reading scripture, meditating, and praying.

I had to think about how I will prioritize my day in order to include my daily time with God. Being a mother of two was challenging enough some days, and now I am a mother of three. I guess subconsciously, I had already decided that I would not have time in my day to read the Bible and meditate on His word. I think I had even decided that God would somehow “understand” and would not hold it against me because He already knew how jam-packed my future days would become. I had basically justified in my mind the messed up arrangement of my priorities! How shameful of me!

In the scriptures before Matthew 6:33, Jesus is speaking about how God takes care of everything, including things that are not capable of caring for themselves like plants and animals, which leads up to His statement in Matthew 6:33. What these words penetrated to my soul after spending time thinking upon them was that I needed to place God at the top of my priority list! One children, or five, God revealed to me that if I have spent time with Him each day, all of my other needs would be met for the day. This does not mean the day will not be a struggle, however, with the Word of God written upon my heart and fresh in my spirit each day, struggles will be easier to deal with, and my motherly and wifely duties can be executed with less frustration and chaos.
I head a testimony being given on television the other day, and the mother stated that changing her wording made a huge difference in her days. She changed her “have to” attitude to “get to”. For example instead of stating, “I have to cook dinner for my family,” she began to state, “I get to cook dinner for my family.” There are numerous people who want to have a family to cook for but they do not. God is using me to meet the needs of my family. What a blessing!

So, it is my plan to demolish my old way to thinking. I will demolish the thought that I would not have time to spend in the Word each day. I would not have time to minister to others through this website each week. I would not be able to fully work in the gifts He has blessed we with. I know that if I only “SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD” everything else that I need, even if it is simply a bit of patience, or a little strength, God will provide EVERYTHING I need each and every day to not only meet the needs of my family, but to also meet the needs of my soul. God I thank You in advance for meeting the needs in the days to come!!!

                                                                 Spiritual Reflections

1.    Reflect upon your current priorities. Can you honestly say that you follow what Jesus ordered us to do in Matthew 6:33? If not, examine what is keeping you from being obedient.

2.    Even if you are already spending time in the Word each day, what else can you do       to show God that you are seeking His kingdom first?

3.    Pray and ask God to help you either put Him first on your priority list, or to keep Him first on your priority list. Ask Him to help you carve out time in your day for Him each and every day.

4.    Document your plan for making God first in your life. Ask God what changes you need to make in order to keep Him first.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Growth of A Stained Heart

Flipping through several magazines a few days ago, all centered on women, I noticed a common denominator among the articles that were presented in each. Each of these publications had at least one article about how to find true happiness, getting beyond your fears, loving your life to the fullest, etc.... However among all of these articles, one of them stood out to me. It was almost as if it was written in 3-D across the cover of the magazine. It read something along the lines of "What's Holding You Back from Really Living Your Life?"

As I opened the magazine, it features several women, all of different ages and with ethnic backgrounds as unique as they come. All of these women had discovered and dealt with the issues, and even people in their past, that was stunting their growth in faith, joy, and God confidence.

I began to think about all the women of the world, and how we are all similar in one way. We all have or have had a stained heart. We have been hurt by someone or something, and it has been written on our heart, leaving stains of the pain behind. These stains, for some of us, may have stunted our spiritual growth into becoming the women of God that He is calling us to be.

I also began to think about my own testimony of overcoming low self-esteem. Teasing and tormenting from peers at a young age, left me all too often feeling unworthy of success, incompetent of accomplishing tasks, and just plainly put, sometimes questioning why God wanted to waste His power creating something like me. There for a while, I began to think that I was created only for the amusement of others. I thank God today that I was able to pray, get close to my Father who let me know that He felt my pain, and grow past my stained heart, while allowing God to remove those blotches that were too difficult for me to remove independently.

Let's stray from my testimony for just a moment and talk about why God would allow our hearts to become stained in the first place. There are several scriptures throughout the Bible in which God speaks specifically to people whose hearts are stained or broken for whatever the reason may be. Psalm 34:18 is my absolute favorite probably because it was instrumental in my growth on the low self-esteem journey. Other scriptures are also listed below that prove that God holds a special place in his heart and has special plans for those that have been mistreated to the point that it stunts their growth in Him.

Psalm 34:18 reads, The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (NIV)

Psalm 10:17 reads, You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry. (NIV)

Psalm 36: 10-11 reads, A little while, and the wicked will be no more; through you look for them, they will not be found. But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace. (NIV)

Psalm 46:1 reads, God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. (NIV)

If you go exploring thorugh the Psalms alone, there are numerous scriptures on being out casted and having a stained heart. This is the testimony of those that had hearts full of burdens and grief, how they cried out unto God, how He rescued them, and how they praise Him after their growth beyond their stained hearts. The answer of how they overcame is in Psalm 46:1, which is stated above. There is no other way but God.

To grow past our stained hearts, we must look at those stains head on. This may mean that we have to deal with some issues from our pasts that are painful even now to think about. For example, we have to think about those people who talked about us and the things that they said. We have to ask God to help us to forgive them so that stain can be removed. We may have to look past the faults of others that have hurt us, whether we were abused by loved ones, neglected by parents, teased by peers, ______________. (You fill in the blank of what may have stained your heart.) Sometimes dealing with those stains may mean talking with that person or going to that place. We have to deal with the issues head on, not looking anyway but in the direction of growth, which is forward. One cannot grow backwards. So, take the time to look back, deal with it, and remain your focus forward on your growth.

Sometimes when we must confront those pieces of pain on our hearts from the past, much time may have passed and situations are different. Hopefully both parties involved have grown positively in some way. What those of us with stained hearts need to realize is that, as hard as it may be to deal with, each of those events were patterned in our lives to help us grow closer to our Father. In knowing this, it makes it a lot easier to forgive the things that others have done to us. Some of the things that have been done to me, I definitely didn't understand then, but now that I have grown in Christ, I know that the pain they caused me was only preparation for my destiny. So, in a sense, I feel obligated to thank them for hurting me. Funny stuff, I know, but remember we serve an unconventional God who sees and perceives things totally different than we do! Pray and ask God why you may have the stains that you do. What was His purpose?

Again, when we have dealt with the painful stains, God can begin to cleanse us. Our hearts can be rid of malice, hatred, jealously, hurtful emotions, negative thoughts, and anything else that is keeping us from reaching our ultimate relationship with and potential in Christ. I am a testimony that when God has cleansed your heart, you can even become surprised about how you feel about those people and places that may have hurt you in your past. You began to love and pray for those that cursed and despised you. You forgive those that may seem unworthy of forgiveness in your eyes. God can really shock you with what He can do through you.

I once had a person that really hurt me when I was younger, and that hurt really stuck with me. I heard of some things that she was going through, and could not help but to pray in love for her. I genuinely wanted her life to become better. I was very concerned and prayed day and night for her and her situation. The flesh in me wanted her to feel the pain that she had made me feel in the past, but the spiritual growth and Christ in me overrode my personal issues with her, allowing me to pray for her situation, growth, and deliverance. What a surprise! That is what God can do! And, I know that I grew closer to God by simply succumbing to His will for my prayers on those days. Thank you Lord, for continuing to work on me and the stains that may remain on my heart!!!
Spiritual Reflections

1. Examine your heart. Look closely....what are some of the stains that you see and feel? List them in detail below. If a person was involved, don't forget to include their name. Remember we are facing this head on.

2. Say a personal prayer about each stain one by one, or all of your stains together. You may want to write you prayer down and pray the same prayer daily until you see that God speaks to you about your stains. Ask God to help you rid yourself of the negative feelings that you may have and place forgiveness in your heart. Also, ask Him to show you what His purpose was in you experiencing these painful issues. Don't forget to ask God to cleanse these stains from your heart.
3. Search the Bible and find scriptures that help you confront the issues that you listed in number one. Use these scriptures when battling cleaning these issues. Speak them when those people or places arise in your life.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

He Has His Hands on You!!!

I am sure that every Christian has had periods in their life when there are many possibilities surrounding them, and they are faced with making tough, yet necessary decisions. It is in times like this when we pray so hard about what to do, and attempt to wait diligently, patiently, and carefully to hear from our Heavenly Father. It is also in times like this that our Father may make us wait, and when He does not answer our prayers and questions, or give us guidance and directions, immediately or after a short period of time, we begin to wonder if He is even listening to our becoming calls. We begin to wonder if God is interested in our desires. We even may begin to wonder where He is, and if He has left us.
Our Father is mysterious. He does everything on His own time and does not have to answer to anyone about anything. He already has our life plan mapped out and knows exactly what it will take in order for us to grow and be prepared and presentable for the day that we will meet Him in His kingdom. God may use these waiting times to grow us up spiritually and actually make us closer to Him.
I feel like I am in one of these transitional times in my life right now, and quite honestly, things are not happening as fast as I would like for them to. As I have grown into adulthood, I have grown to actually love these periods of my spiritual growth because I am always excited because I KNOW that God is up to something and my testimony of these times in my past serve as my proof that it is always going to be something good. These are the times that I like to call transitional times or times of maybe. You know about these times:

Maybe I will get the new job or promotion....I just haven't heard back from the boss yet.
Maybe I will get the new house....I just haven't heard back from the realtor yet.
Maybe I will lose the weight....I just haven't been exercising for very long, so I don't see results yet.
Maybe I will _________________ (You fill in the blank)

It is in these "maybe" times that we pray the hardest to our Father. Why? It is very simple. We want something from Him. Some Christians think that this is wrong, but we have a Father/child relationship and children always want or need something from their parents. God uses this time to make us wait for our answer because it draws us closer to Him, as we spend more time in conversation with Him. When we recognize this concept, we needn't wonder if He is listening or if He really cares. The fact is He cares tremendously enough to know what will keep us dependent on Him and humble.

We become humble in our prayers during these maybe times more than ever because we recognize that the desires of our hearts can only be given through the power of God. We know that God can work miracles and sometimes the things that we are seeking out may take a miracle for us to receive. For example, One may know that they have poor credit and will most likely be turned away by a lender for a new home, but because of their faith in our Father, they fill out the application anyway, and wait patiently for an acceptance or rejection call. It is in this time that God may feel far because they pray and pray but feel that they have not heard or seen a "sign" that God has it all worked out. My friends, it is in this time when God really has His hands on us! It is in this time when God has us right where He needs us; humble, available, a heart to serve, in fervent conversation with Him, and ready to grow. He places His hands on us and the situation. God is always working things out for our good, even if our maybe turns into the "No" that we did not want to hear. (Romans 8:28)

                                                                  Spiritual Reflections

1. When have you been in a "maybe" time in your life? How did it work out in the end for you?

2. What are some ways that you can grow closer to God so that in your "maybe" times, you will be able to feel God in the midst of your wait?

3. I am a person of little patience. I know that anytime I am in a "maybe" time God is growing my patience which is a characteristic of Christ who I should strive to be more like. How do you see God growing you in your "maybe" times?

4. Write a short prayer to God thanking him for your "maybe" times.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Manipulator!

Have you ever known someone who is so crafty, that they can take the values and beliefs that you have, and begin to make you second guess your feelings, thoughts, and emotions? Have you ever known someone who will stop at nothing until everything is going their way and everything is under their control? Before you know it, you are thinking and acting out of your character because of that being. And, sometimes it takes something drastic to make you see that you are being manipulated and controlled. I like to call this presence that pops up in my life the manipulator! Who is this person you ask? Well, he is also known as Lucifer, Satan, the devil, etc... Whatever you call him, he is nothing but an enemy and we must be able to recognize when his craftiness is trying to manipulate our lives.

Just this past week, I began to look all around me. I began to notice the "riches" that others have that I didn't. (Which is not something that I normally exert my energy on.) One of the aspects of my life that I am proud of and that I know God guided me through is earning my college degrees. Education was always stressed in my home, and I do have a testimony behind why I am so proud to hold my degrees. You see, my mother was unable to attend college, and me living and growing up and seeing her struggle placed the desire in my spirit to attend college. And, I did receive scholarships, but still ended up with a significant amount of loans to fund my education.

As I was getting out of my car, I received one of my monthly statements for my school loans in the mailbox. As I opened it, I sighed and that was all the manipulator needed to hear to try and wedge his way into my thoughts. I began to regret one of the plans that God had for me, which was attending college. I began to think about my schoolmates who appear to be living better than I who went to work right after high school. I began to think of the time I thought I had wasted in school when I could have been working and living well too. Oh, how crafty is he!!! I sobbed in my car for a while and then I began to pray. I confessed to God how I felt and asked Him to help me to focus on His presence in my life rather than the stuff that I didn't have that I thought I needed.

It is amazing how God will remind you who He really is. Over the past few days, I have watched numerous cities and towns in the state of Tennessee that have been ravaged with flood waters, including Clarksville, Tennessee where I teach elementary school. I watched places where parents of my students and even friends of mine work; I watched parks that my husband, children, and I have spent countless hours of family time; I watched restaurants where we have enjoyed meals and quality time together all go under water. Totally submerged! I could hear God saying, "Look at how blessed you are! I have once again covered you! Don't focus on the "stuff" that you think you need in this world, but focus on the joy that I have placed within your heart." I was lead to the book of Job.

Job is a very familiar story in the Bible. My husband preached Job in his very first sermon because he felt like he could relate to Job so very much. You must take the time to delve into this wonderful book yourself. See what God has in it for you! To make a detailed story short, Job had everything that anyone in his day could want. The manipulator came along and wanted to challenge God, so God offered Job. God stated that Job would worship and love Him no matter what and allowed the manipulator to alter Job's life in any way he wanted except for death. Of course, the manipulator began to conjure up his plan and got right to work. Job lost everything! But, he never cursed God. Job knew that everything that was happening and had happened only did so because God allowed it. He knew God had everything under control. When the manipulator saw that Job was not going to budge from his dedication to God, he finally gave up, and God blessed Job with more than he had before for just staying with him and depending upon him as he endured the tough times.

We have a lot to learn from Job. I think that everyone at some point and time in their life feels the way that I felt. (What if....) Sometimes the manipulator makes us think that if we had done things our way, then our outcome may have been better. My pastor always says, "What God has for me it is for me." That includes our paths, plans, struggles, and blessings. The manipulator wants us to focus on what others have so we take our eyes off of our Master and His Master Plan. Watch out, because he is always busy. Pray and ask God to help you recognize what form the manipulator is showing up in your life, and then use prayer to send him packing.

Spiritual Reflections

1. How is the enemy working in your life at this present time? Do you recognize his crafty ways? What is he up to, or is getting ready to do?

2. Ask God to help you gather yourself a few scriptures to speak when you feel his presence. List them below.

3. Pray a special prayer and ask God to help you recognize and defeat the enemy when he comes your way, and remember to pray this daily.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh the Possibilites!

Hello  My Dear Readers,

I know it has been quite some time since I have posted on the Journey to Destiny, but let me say that I extremely missed the refreshing feeling of ministering to you and doing God's work for my life. Sometimes, God has plans for us that catch us by surprise, and may alter our lives just a bit.

In March, my husband and I found out that we will be expecting another addition to our family. We will welcome our third child in October, and my first trimester was a trying, yet blessed one. :  ) During this time, I was unable to post, but I stayed in God's word and in conversation with Him. Needless to say, I am burning to begin writing again to release what God has for me to share with you.

It is my prayer that you have been motivated and in the word of God also, for there is a mighty work for us to do. Oh the possibilites for what God has for our lives!!!!! Tune in tomorrow, as new posts will begin! Until then; stay motivated, concentrated, and saturated in the work God has for you! Much love!!!

LaVetta Radford

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We are well into 2010 now, and I was reflecting upon everyone's positive attitude when we first entered this New Year. Many people stated that they were excited about what God had shown them that was going to change for them in this year. They were excited about working towards new goals, hopes, and dreams. Some said that they would have more faith, patience, love towards others, and a closer walk with God before this year was done. I was really in awe at how hungry people seemed to be about improving their relationships and spiritual lives.

If you are one of these people, I hope that you have been praying upon your ultimate purpose in life. Praying about what it is that God created you to do. Praying about what God's calling is on your life. I, along with a friend from my inner circle, was having a conversation about this very topic the other night. We both know exactly what it is that God has called us to do! We know for which purpose we were created, but how to get there is what we are struggling with. So, as I usually do when I am perplexed, I began to search the Bible for examples of people who had the same feelings and were in the same situation as I. And, I began reading about Miriam, which led me to a mini study about Moses.

Numbers chapter 11 is just one instance in which God spoke to Moses with a set of directions that seemed impossible through Moses' eyes.
Numbers 11:21-23 reads:
But Moses said, "Here I am among six hundred thousand men on foot, and you say, 'I will give them meat for the whole month!' Would they have enough if flocks and herds were slaughtered for them? Would they have enough if all the fish in the sea were caught for them?" The Lord answered Moses, "Is the Lord's arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you." (NIV)

In this situation, Moses is just like me and my friend. God has told Moses of a great task that he will accomplish for God's purposes. It is in His will for Moses to meet the needs of these men. You see, these men, all 600,000 of them, are traveling with Moses as their leader. They have left Egypt under Moses' leadership and are now starving and wishing they had remained there. These men are upset at their leader now because their basic needs are lacking. When things go wrong, people tend to naturally blame the leader.

God has spoken to Moses after he has cried out about the troubles in the travel. God promises Moses that the men will eat for one whole month. Moses begins to question why God wants him to make such a bold promise to these men, when he has no idea how the promise will be met. Can you imagine, standing in front of all these men who are already angry at you, making a promise to them that they know that you alone will not be able to keep? Even though Moses was unable to see how this was going to pass, he was obedient to God's instructions. How many times has God told us to do something, but because we could not see with our eyes, or think with our brain HOW it was going to happen, we brushed it off, and put our focus elsewhere?

I am not sure if this is the case with everyone that God speaks to, but when God showed me my purpose, He showed me the BIG PICTURE and not the BRUSHSTROKES. In essence, He revealed to me ultimately what it is that I am to be doing in my kingdom building work. I also think that it is awesome that what He revealed to me is also what I am so passionate about in life, and what makes me feel the best when I am doing it. I was very excited, but my excitement was somewhat overcome by fear and nervousness.

When we are working for God, it is a serious matter. Every opportunity that we have to use our spiritual gift to help build God's kingdom and change the life of another is a privilege and is extremely important in our spiritual life, and the lives of others, even when we can't see it. The fear and nervousness came because I could see what I was supposed to be doing, but the BIG PICTURE looked so much bigger than me. In my mind, it appeared that I would be incapable, just like Moses. I tried to rationalize how this would come to pass, but that is what God reveals through the process of fulfilling our purpose.

BRUSHSTROKES reveal the picture. When some artists begin to paint, they just start. They may not have a definite idea of how the final product will turn out. They paint, and each BRUSHSTROKE is a detail in the BIG PICTURE. God reveals our BRUSHSTROKES as we move along in this journey. BRUSHSTROKES bring us faith and patience. Some a big and some are small. Some BRUSHSTROKES are joyful while others may make us feel pain. Some BRUSHSTROKES may make sense to us, while others may not. Despite the type of BRUSHSTROKE and how it may look, when all of them are put together, they create the beautiful picture of our purpose!
Right now, I am working through my brushstrokes. When I get impatient and perplexed, I remind myself that my artist is my Great Father! When I don't understand, or my picture may be looking a little skewed, I ask Him for the purpose in that stroke. I ask Him to continually reveal Himself to me along with what is to come in His will for my life. And, although my painting is not finished yet, God is still stroking and I know that there is work to be done that will grow me into my ultimate purpose in life. Even when it seems scary, we must keep pressing. Remember: what God usually shows is bigger than us, that way; we will need Him to reach the goal!
Spiritual Reflections

1. Has God revealed the big picture of your life purpose to you? If not, pray about it.
2. What are some brushstrokes you have had to encounter in your growth process?
3. How have these brushstrokes prepared you for your big picture?
4. Thank God just for whom He is and that He is our artist!

Related Reading: 2 Timothy chapter 1

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are you Available????

"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14 (NIV)
Just about everyone knows that process of applying for a new job. First, you fill out and return all important paperwork. Then you wait ever so patiently for a telephone call in which the purpose is to set up an interview with you. After you are interviewed, and the employer makes the decision whether or not they would like to add you to the team. One of the important factors that the employer considers, along with your interview, is you availability. Can you work nights and weekends? Can you work on holidays? Or, do you have ANY availability at all? Are you going to be able to focus when on the job; or are you going to be distracted? All of these are questions that potential employers must ask themselves about you when you interview for the job. The fact of the matter is that they have an end goal in mind, and if your qualities and availability will keep them from accomplishing what needs to be accomplished, you will not be hired for the job.

Esther was a young woman that definitely made herself available so that God could work through her. Esther was a Jew whose beauty had drawn that attention of King Xerxes. King Xerxes was ignorant of Esther's nationality, and that is the way Esther was instructed by her uncle Mordecai to keep it. One day Mordecai was outside of the King's gates and overheard two men plotting to kill the king. He communicated this disturbing news to Queen Esther who immediately told King Xerxes. After this, King Xerxes decided to promote Haman, one of his nobles, to the position of the highest noble. Outside of the king's gates, everyone knelt down to show honor to Haman, but Mordecai refused. Because it had been exposed that Mordecai was a Jew, Haman issued a decree stating that all Jews in Xerxes' kingdom would be killed. Haman continued on his quest to rid the kingdom of Jews because of his deep hated for Mordecai's rebellion. Queen Esther was the final factor in this story. She was the one who went before the king, having to expose herself and her nationality in order to save all of the Jewish people in the kingdom.

This irony in this story is that Esther lasted as long as she did living in the King's quarters before having to expose herself. By the time she had to expose her nationality, the King had so much favor for her, that it was not an issue to him.

Esther could have easily said no to Mordecai's plea to help the Jews. She could have said no because her exposing the truth about herself was a risk to her very own life. Had King Xerxes not favored her so, she would have surely been put to death. Esther was available for the task that God had placed in front of her, and she began to see her purpose for being in the King's quarters. You may be in a nice position right now for kingdom building purposes only. Esther's task was far from simple and clear. Esther probably did a lot of thinking and decision making throughout this process because every step was crucial to the survival of her people.

Can you imagine God giving you a task of that magnitude? Well, my friend, He has. Whatever task God is calling you to do, it is about kingdom building and saving lost souls. You can be a life saver. The methods and materials that we use to accomplish this task may not be similar, but we are all life savers. Our goal as Christians is to spread the word of God through our actions and words. Are you available for God’s work?

My pastor often says, "What God has for you it is for you." I agree with him, but I would like to add that we must be available for what God has for us. God will not impose or force His will or His way onto us. Imagine what He sees looking down from Heaven. He can choose anyone else that is ready, willing, and available to get His tasks accomplished. We must realize that it is a privilege to serve the Lord. We are an elite group of people. Many times, we act as if God's work is more of a burden than a blessing. (That is probably because we are working outside of our purpose, but that is for another day.)

When God has a task for us, He wants us to be available to focus on what He is going to put in front of us. If we are too burdened and bogged down or to tired and tore up by the pressures of life, God will take His task to the next person who is available and accepting of His task. And, not only will they get our assignment, but they will also get our blessing for accomplishing it!

Spiritual Reflections
1. Am I available for and accepting of ANY assignment that God will send my way? If not, what is blocking my servant attitude?
2. What is it that I am assigned to at this time in my life? Am I accomplishing what God wants me to?
3. If you don't know what your assignment is right now, pray and ask God what it is. Are you ready to accept it? If not, ask God what is blocking you and ask Him to help you remove it.
Esther's entire story can be found and read in the book of Esther.

My friends, we have kingdom building work to do. Won't you accept your assignment today?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Don't Know My Story...

One thing that I love about the Bible is that there is never a dull moment that lies between its pages. It may sound like a cliché, but there are many treasures waiting to be unlocked. In my study today, I found the story of a young woman named Tamar. Tamar's story is not one that we learned about in Sunday School, nor is it one that we hear often being bellowed from the pulpit on Sunday mornings. Tamar's story is important, however, to each and every woman and man who has a story that has gone untold.

I'm sure many people wondered about Tamar. I'm sure they were asking questions. "What happened to her, she used to be so beautiful?" "Why does she not mingle with others?" In the last account that I studied of Tamar tonight, I had the ever so popular picture from children's movies where there is a lady in the neighborhood that all the kids are afraid of because of all the myths and legends that they have been told about her, only to discover by a chance encounter that those things are not true at all. Here is the meat Tamar's story.

2 Samuel 13:7-20
David sent word to Tamar at the palace: "Go to the house of your brother Amnon and prepare some food for him." So Tamar went to the house of her brother Amnon, who was lying down. She took some dough, kneaded it, made the bread in his sight and baked it. Then she took the pan and served him the bread, but he refused to eat. "Send everyone out of here," Amnon said. So everyone left him. Then Amnon said to Tamar, "Bring the food here into my bedroom so I may eat from your hand." And Tamar took the bread she had prepared and brought it to her brother Amnon in his bedroom. But when she took it to him to eat, he grabbed her and said, "Come to bed with me, my sister." "Don't, my brother!" she said to him. "Don't force me. Such things should not be done in Israel! Don't do this wicked thing. What about me? Where could I get rid of my disgrace? And what about you? You would be like one of the wicked fools in Israel. Please speak to the king; he will not keep me from being married to you." But he refused to listen to her, and since he was stronger than she, he raped her. Then Amnon hated her with intense hatred. In fact, he hated her more than he had loved her. Amnon said to her "Get up and get out!" "No!" she said to him. "Sending me away would be a greater wrong than what you have already done to me." But he refused to listen to her. He called his personal servant and said, "Get this woman out of here and bolt the door after her. She was wearing a richly ornamented robe, for this was the kind of garment the virgin daughters of the king wore. Tamar put ashes on her head and tore the ornamented robe she was wearing. She put her hand on her head and went away, weeping aloud as she went. Her brother Absalom said to her, "Has that Amnon, you brother, been with you? Be quiet now, my sister, he is your brother. Don't take this thing to heart." And Tamar lived in her brother Absalom's house, a desolate woman.

Can you envision Tamar standing before you, broken into a million pieces? Her body, heart, and spirit were probably throbbing in pain all because of the selfish desires of a family member. You see, Amnon desired to have Tamar so, that he became frustrated and ill. (verse 2) Tamar was a beautiful virgin with the intent to stay that way until she would be married off. Her intent was to keep her purity and to be ready for her future husband. She ended up in a situation that she had little to no control over.

In Biblical times, a woman would remain desolate, not married off, if she was "used". What this means is that she was no longer a virgin. So, there Tamar sat for years, alone and bewildered because she not only had been used, but also was unable to tell her story because she was embarrassed and knew she would be isolated. In turn, she decided to desolate herself from society, in hopes of saving herself from more shame and hurt. And, she felt as though even those that should love her and understand her story the most, didn't.

There are many Tamars walking around today. Many people's souls have been broken, battered, and abused and have been left with the bewilderment of what happened to them. Not all have been raped like Tamar was, but I'm sure they have been left with scares where they have attempted to patch up their hurting souls.

I am a Tamar.

Just like Tamar, we all have a story that other people just simply don't know about. These stories have brought us closer to Christ because they are the situations and circumstances that we have strived so hard for so long to overcome. These are the scars that God keeps hidden so that when people look at us, we don't look like what we've been through! Some of us may live more boldly than Tamar did and choose to tell our story one day. Some of us won't. So, before we judge a person's decisions or actions, let us remember that each of us has a story that someone else doesn't know. That story has been a chapter in our life that God has used to shape and mold us into who we are today, and who He wants us to be tomorrow. When you look at what a person may have, or does not have; who they are or who they aren't; please remember... YOU DON'T KNOW THEIR STORY.....

                                                              Spiritual Reflections

1. What are some things about my story that others may not know?

2. How have I dealt with the issues listed above?

3. How can I see God’s presence in my unknown story?

4. What role will these issues play in my future spiritual growth?

5. Talk to God about your unknown story. Praise Him or ask questions. If you have unresolved issues, ask God to help you with them. He is available for you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

Genesis 29: 25-30
When morning came, there was Leah! So Jacob said to Laban, "What is this you have done to me? I served you for Rachel, didn't I? Why have you deceived me?" Laban replied, "It is not our custom here to give the younger daughter in marriage before the older one. Finish this daughter's bridal week; then we will give you the younger one also, in return for another seven years of work." And Jacob did so. He finished the week with Leah, and then Laban gave him his daughter Rachel to be his wife. Laban gave his servant girl Bilhah to his daughter Rachel as her maidservant. Jacob lay with Rachel also, and he loved Rachel more than Leah. And he worked for Laban another seven years.

Have you ever found yourself looking for love and value in all the wrong places? That is exactly the predicament that Leah has found herself in here. You must know about Leah's past in order to understand her present and future decisions.

Leah and Rachel were sisters. Rachel was the youngest sister, but she was also known as the beautiful one. Rachel seemed to have it all, and Leah reaped the poor self-esteem from her sister's beauty. Along comes Jacob, and he instantly falls in love with Rachael and all of her beauty. He makes a deal with the girls' father that he will work for seven years in order to gain Rachael as his wife. The father agrees, and on the night of the marriage consummation, the father sends Leah out instead of Rachel. I'm assuming it was dark and Jacob thought that he was receiving the love of his life. When he awoke the next morning, Jacob was stunned to see the unattractive Leah lying next to him. He went to Laban, the girls' father, and made another deal for Rachel even though he had been tricked into marrying Leah. What a blow!

Can you picture Leah with a saddened heart over the fact that her father had to trick someone into marrying her in the first place; but now, she loves a man that clearly loves and desires to be with her sister who has always dominated and come out on top? God felt Leah's pain. For this reason, He shut up the womb of Rachel, making Leah the wife that must bear Jacob's children. In this time, if a woman was unable to bear a child, they were looked down upon, and women who could bear many, especially sons, were praised. Finally, Leah thought that she would be the one on top! She thought that Jacob would love her because of her ability to give him many sons. She thought that other women would not focus on her lack of beauty, yet they would praise and envy her for a change because of her fertility. Leah was looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places!

Leah was already loved and accepted by God. He felt her pain and wanted to let her know that there was good within her. He wanted to let her know that He loved and accepted her even if others didn't and wouldn't. Unfortunately, this love was not enough for Leah. She still longed to make Jacob love her. Because of this she bore son after son after son, hoping that with each birth, he would fall madly in love with her. But....HE NEVER DID! Rachel had always had Jacob's heart and there was nothing that Leah could do to change that. And while Leah was searching for Jacob's love, Rachel was sitting back saddened because she knew that she had Jacob's heart but was unable to have him any children. Neither of the sisters was satisfied, and spent the rest of their lives competing to find love and acceptance through others, while God had loved and accepted them all along. You can read the entire story in Genesis chapters 29-31.

Let's think about Leah and Rachel for just a moment. How many of us are just like both or either of them. We look for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. Some people feel loved if they have an abundance of "friends". Some people feel loved and accepted if they have people supporting and cheering on their life accomplishments. Some people feel loved and accepted if they have a spouse of children. Some people seem to have it all and are still unsatisfied and lost, searching for whom they really are. No matter what the issue is, the bottom line is that all of these people are focused on something other than God, who has the ultimate love and acceptance!

I encounter a lot of people through this website and speaking that I have done in the past. One thing that I hear a lot of people say is that they feel like something is missing in their lives. And yes my friend, these are Christians who are in church every week! I think the missing link to our ultimate joy and happiness is to keep our eyes focused on God. When we totally love, adore, admire, and accept Him, all of the other "stuff" shall be added. Sometimes God wants us all to Himself, and that is why we do not receive some of the stuff that we pray for that we think will give us the love and acceptance that we are so desperately searching for in this world.

I love my husband and children greatly! I realize that I am blessed to have them in my life. I also realize that it is God that receives my total love first, and because of that, He allows me to love my family so! I remember being just like Leah, wanted to be loved and accepted by everyone else around me and allowing that to define my popularity and who I am. Now, I know that all I need is God. If I have God, He will give me all that I need to feel loved and secure and I will no longer have to look to people, places, or things in order to feel loved or accepted! And, even though the Leah in me may pop up every now and again, I thank God that He reminds me that I am His child! All we need is His love!

Spiritual Reflections

1. I shared with you how I am like Leah. Are you more like Leah or Rachel? Explain how.

2. Leah lacked beauty. What is it in your life that has made you look for love in all the wrong places?

3. Have you overcome those feelings ? If so, how did you do it? If not, how can you overcome them?

4. Write three positive statements that you can tell yourself the next time you discover that you are looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stepping Onto the Water

Matthew 14: 25-31 reads:

During the fourth watch of the night Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. "It’s a ghost," they said, and cried out in fear. But Jesus immediately said to them: "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid." "Lord, if it's you," Peter replied, "tell me to come to you on the water." "Come," he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, "Lord," save me!" Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. "You of little faith," he said, "why did you doubt?" (NIV)

I am sure we are all familiar with this passage from the Bible. This may be perhaps one of the most popular scriptures in which faith and trust in Christ is demonstrated. It also demonstrates the magnitude of power that Jesus holds, as He performs an act that no other living organism has, which is walking on water.

Many times in our lives, we are like the disciples in this very situation. Something strange, unusual, and maybe even unidentifiable enters into our lives, and we panic because we are fearful. And, like the disciples, at times we are unable to recognize Christ when He is in the midst of our situation, and He must make Himself plain before us just like He had to do for Peter. We may hear His voice, recognize it, and see Him working, but we still pray and ask for a sign that it is Him. For Peter, walking on the water would cure His curiosity that Christ was exactly who He said He was.

When Peter first stepped onto the water, his eyes were fixed on Christ. When we first begin something new, our eyes are too. We recognize that we need Christ to guide us and help us get stable and steady. I can just picture Peter cautiously stepping onto the water, ensuring that he was carefully following Jesus' instructions. But, somewhere in Peter's steps, he grew confident enough to think that he no longer had to focus his eyes forward on Jesus. He began to look at the wind, and his focus was faced toward it. This is when Peter began to sink.

You see, when we take our eyes off of Christ, we too begin to sink! We should always stay in the position Peter was in when he first stepped onto the water; eyes focused forward on Christ. Peter lost the power to stay above water, and began to sink. However, Peter was a smart man. He recognized that he could not save himself from drowning; only Christ could. In an instant, Peter cried out for Jesus, who instantly saved him. We should be like Peter and cry out immediately when we feel ourselves sinking, even if it is our own fault. (It was Peter's fault that he was sinking.)

Jesus is available to save us from sinking. I notice that the flesh side of me wants to solve issues myself. I usually end up with my whole body submerged in water before I cry out to Christ for help. Christ is our lifesaver. He is ready and waiting for us to cry out to Him. We are expected to lean and rely on our Lord for help to keep from sinking. I think about how many times I could have saved myself heartache and pain if only I would have cried out to Christ when I first began to feel the water rising in my life. However, it is awesome to know that God can use those sinking times to teach us lessons that help us grow closer to Him.

Jesus ends this situation asking Peter why he doubted him. I don't think Jesus was asking why did he doubt that he could walk on the water, but why did he doubt who He was when He showed up in the first place. Why do we doubt the presence of Christ? Is it fear? Is it unbelief? Or, is it just the fact that we are so distant from Him at times in our lives that we are unable to recognize who He really is when He reveals Himself to us? Whatever the reason, I am so grateful that Christ knows what it takes for me to recognize who He is each and every time. Wether in quicksand or water, He is always my lifesaver!

Spiritual Reflections

1. In what ways are you like Peter?

2. Has there ever been a time in your life when you were unable to recognize Christ's presence? What did you do? Why were you so doubtful that it was Christ working in your life?

3. What are some things that distract us from being able to recognize Christ in our "sinking" times?

4. What can you do to keep from sinking in future situations and circumstances?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Copper Coins

Today you are poor....really poor. You are a widow with no income, and the little money that you do have is not even worth one complete penny. You hear that Jesus is in town, and decide to go and see Him for yourself. You have heard about Him and His teachings, and you just must go and place an offering before Him. The only problem is that you are broke. What little you have is worth virtually nothing, but your desire is so great to give what you do have that you gather your little bit and head to the meeting place where Christ will be. When you enter, you are surrounded by numerous wealthy people who have brought wealthy offerings which is a reminder to you that you are poor and have very little to offer....What do you do? Will you sacrifice your pride and drop your miniscule offer in the same place that the wealthy left their offerings? Think...everyone will hear your tiny coins clink as you put them down and it will most likely echo throughout the room, while everyone else's offering will be quietly placed upon the offering site. Everyone may even turn around and look at you while whispering and pointing...wondering what nerve you have to even come before this majestic Man. Do you have the courage to drop your copper coins?

Mark 12:41-44 is a short and straight forward account of sacrifice in the Bible. It reads,

Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. But a poor widow woman came and put in two very small copper coins, worthy of only a fraction of a penny. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything-all she had to live on." (NIV)

I began to think about this scripture. At first glance, one would think that this scripture is about tithing and money, and to some degree it is, but I saw a larger focus in the event of the widow's offering; sacrifice and giving one's all. I begin to think about areas in my life that I am like this widow woman. I asked myself what areas of my life am I giving Christ all of me. And, in what areas am I like the wealthy crowd, looking as if I am giving much, but still holding back from offering my all to Christ? As I thought through each list, I imagined placing each on a scale with one side tipping downward, outweighing the other. I would love to say that the widow woman side of my scale always remains in a downward position, signifying that I always give Christ all of me, but I would be fooling you and me, but not God. I must be honest and say that the wealthy side of my scale that held the areas of my life in which I hold out on giving God my all often tips downward, leaving my heavenly Father in a fog of disappointment.

When we stop and evaluate our relationship with Christ, most will find that we often fall short of giving HIm our all. One of my spiritual mentors and I had a wonderful conversation the other night. We were discussing how busy life can get and how rapidly it can become that way. One second we are enthralled in the Word, our quiet time, our study time, and our prayer time with God, and the next minute we are so busy that our heads are spinning and we don't know whether we are going to coming. Busyness can keep us from giving our all to Christ! Busyness is not the only culprit that robs me of our personal time with God, but it is probably my biggest one.

Now, Christ had all of these magnificent and valuable offerings, but the poor widow woman's offering was absolutely priceless in His eyes. Although to the others, her offering looked worthless, Christ found the most worth in it because it was all she had. She had given her absolute all! She had nothing else left to give. She sacrificed everything.

Think about it...she sacrificed her power to meet her own needs because even then, you had to have a little something to get daily living supplies. She sacrificed her pride by entering the presence of those extremely wealthy people and risking total and utter embarrassment. And, I can only imagine that she sacrificed her body to travel probably by foot to get to where Christ was!

When I reflect upon the wealthy crowd vs. the widow woman; I want to strive to be like the widow woman. I want to offer my all to Christ. Although my all may not be as valuable in the eyes of others surrounding me, I want Christ to be pleased that I offered Him all that I have. My all may not be your all. My copper coins may be just taking the time to pray for others, while your copper coins may be teaching Sunday school. Just because someone is unable to see and notice what your copper coins are, does not mean that they are invaluable to God. Offer all that you have.

Each of us has a purpose and a role that we have been assigned in building the kingdom of God. Don't allow what it appears that someone else is offering Christ to hinder you from offering what little you may have to offer. Remember in God's eyes, your little, if it is your all, outweighs someone else's extravagant fraction of their all! Give God your all, simply because He gave, and continues to give His all to you!

Spiritual Reflections

1. Create a list of areas in your life that you feel you are giving God all of you. Create another list of areas in your life that you know you could give God more. Which one outweighs the other?

2. What are some culprits in your life that rob you from giving God your all?

3. How can you rid yourself of these culprits so that you are able to give God your all? Create a plan. Revisit this plan daily to remind yourself that you want to work towards giving God all of you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Challenging Changes

Let's visualize for just a moment. What if........ absolutely, positively, nothing in your life ever changed? Personally, I think I would go crazy if nothing ever changed in my life. Change (for the better) is good, and it is something that all people need a little of over our lifetime. Making changes is also something that our Father does well, as He changes and transforms us according to what He sees our needs are. These changes, however, are not always comfortable or easy for us. In fact, they usually present themselves as a challenge.

In the last post, I posed the question "Are We Really Ready???" for what God has in store for us for 2010 and the rest of our future. At the end of 2009, we reflected upon our year. Many of us thought of all the tough situations that we had overcome throughout another year. Some of us even found how these situations and circumstances helped us to grow and develop into the person that we were by the end of the year. We realized that those difficult challenges brought about a change in us.

Any person can testify that new challenges come in all sizes each day. What we as Christians should do with our challenges is to look at them as an opportunity for change. Each challenge brings about the opportunity to learn something new about our Father. Each challenge brings about the opportunity to apply the Word in our daily lives. Each challenge brings about another opportunity to defeat the enemy and grow closer to Christ. Each challenge brings about an opportunity to change...for the better!

A challenge is just what it says it is...a CHALLENGE! Challenges are not easy. Challenges are not fun. Challenges are a way for Christ to grow in us. Without challenges, we become complacent Christians. In complacency, nothing new is birthed and your spiritual growth is at a standstill. Think of it this way....If God called you to your heavenly home today, would He find the same person that He saved years, or maybe even months ago? If so, there has been very little change that has occurred in your spiritual life. Does this mean that we are perfect? Absolutely Not!!! But what this does mean is that we are serious about becoming what God has in HIS WILL for us to become, and doing what God his in HIS WILL for us to do.

I can see many ways that I have grown spiritually, and each one of those areas have grown because of a challenge that I had to endure. I have learned how to apply the scripture to my life because of challenges. I have learned more about the character of God through challenges. And, I have learned more about who God created me to be through challenges. And, I know that I have many more challenges to face, because I have many more changes to make and growing to do. God is the only constant in our lives. He will comfort and guide us in each and every challenging change that He brings us to. And, even when you may not understand your challenging change, just remember that God's thoughts are so powerful that we cannot even begin to think on His level. He created us, and He always knows what is best for us!

Hebrews 13:8 I am the same yesterday and today and forever" (NIV)

In the end, I want to hear my Father say those two sweet words..."Well Done!" Well done for enduring your challenges and facing your changes. Well done for being obedient unto my will and My Word. Well done for striving and surviving. Well Done, my child, well done! How sweet it is to make changes that please God... Let us welcome God's changes for us with open arms today!

Spiritual Reflections

1. As you reflect over your spiritual life, what are some ways that you know God has changed and transformed you?

2. As we know, we should constantly be working toward being more like Christ. What areas in your life require change in order for you to be more Christ like?

3. Are you currently facing any challenging changes? If so, how are you currently responding to the challenging changes in your life?

4. Write a few lines praising God for the challenges in your life that brought about a positive change.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are We Really Ready???

I would first like to begin by welcoming back all daily readers, and to welcome any new readers to the Journey to Destiny. I am very excited about what God has in store for The Journey to Destiny! I hope that you are as well! Blessed reading wishes to you all!!!

Throughout conversations that I had with many people about their outlook on the New Year, most were optimistic and full of positivity. From Facebook connection, to family, and even friends I ran into over the holidays, almost everyone stated that they could not wait to see what God was going to do for them in 2010! Wow, I thought. What faith!

I began to question myself as to if I was ready for what God has for me and my family in 2010. What that is, I am unsure of, but the question lingered in my mind like the melody of a song that would not end. Am I really ready for what God has in store for me?

I began to think about how my mysterious Father works. He is unpredictable and what He has coming at us next, cannot be determined. With this fact in front of me, I began to reflect upon my life. I thought about all of the "stuff" that I just didn't see coming, both positive and negative. I reflected upon how God was with me every step of the way, even when I was unable to feel His presence. I reflected on how he brought me to, and through lots of "stuff". I also decided that I had no desire to revisit some of the uncomfortable "stuff" that I had endured with the help of God. Then it hit me like a large boulder! I MUST have some uncomfortable, pressing, difficult, and even treacherous journey experiences in 2010! I must do this to continue my growth in Christ! (You may be thinking that that was a no brainer thought, but sometimes Christians forget that the life we have is not our own, but the Lord's. I know I am not alone on this one.)

Because our life is not our own, but God's, we must live according to His will. Even if we feel that we know what our purpose is for our earthly years, we should still be in constant conversation asking God to reveal His will for our lives to us. The reason behind this is that there is a process to reach and work in your purpose. If we follow our own process and not that of God's, we will always end up in a heap of a mess! Then we have to go begging God to clean it all up.

I cannot tell you what God has for you in 2010. I cannot promise that it will be pleasant, or peaceful. What I can do, however, is encourage you to prepare for what is ahead, positive and negative. And the only way to do this is to cover yourself in the Word by reading your Bible consistently, and by staying in constant conversation with our Father. You see, with the Word scripted on your heart, and God's ear leaned your way, you are ready for ANYTHING headed your way! You will be able to stay humble in times of great accomplishment, and continue to honor God when you feel like you are living in Hell. You can praise Him when you feel good, and when you don't. You can have joy in staying dedicated to God, while dealing with difficult people. Your prayers and the Word of God can help you see sunshine through rain showers, and will cover you so when the rain stops; you will not be soaked with sorrow over a situation!

All of us have different preparations that we should be making in order to endure and enjoy life, come what may. What I need to do to prepare may not be what you need to do. Ask God what it is that you need to do to ultimately become closer to Him and to grow spiritually. Despite what this year may hold, I know that all things are going to work together for my growth! And that, my friends, is something to shout about!

Spiritual Reflection Questions

1. Have I asked God lately what He has in store for me? If yes, jot down what you asked Him. If not, jot down what you want to know about what is to come in your life.

2. Write down the desires of your heart. What do you want to happen for you in 2010?

3. Are you prepared for ANYTHING in 2010? Why or Why not?

4. List at least one way that you would like to grow in Christ. Develop a plan for how you will do this. (This must be something that is somewhat in our control.) For example: I want to study and read my Bible more. My plan may be that I set aside a daily "appointment" time for Bible study and meditation each day.

5. Praise God in advance for one thing that you have faith that will happen in 2010.

I hope you enjoy the reflection questions. Please feel free to provide feedback to me on. I pray that each of you are blessed by this experience.

In His Love.......LaVetta

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Need for Change!

I want to say hello, and a very Happy New Year to all Journey to Destiny readers! I hope that your holiday season was blessed and Christ focused. I really took some time to just enjoy the small things in life over the past few weeks. While in this time, I also had The Journey to Destiny heavily in my thoughts.
One way that we learn is through our own personal experiences and life refelections. The Bible does not truly come alive for some until it can be directly related to thier life in some way. I feel that God is wanted the Journey to Destiny to be more interactive for its readers. I want each of my readers to be left with something to think about.
Yes, I share my struggles, testimonys, and growth processes with you, but what about your own? Do you truly share them with yourself? And, the way the scripture applies to my life may not be the way it applies to your life.
Also, I am not really a person that sets New Years Resolutions, for several reasons. For one, I always seem to be really passionate about them at the beginning of the year, then somehow, I slack off that they disappear from my mind and my actions. Also, I understand the whole idea of starting over, but if I started over every time, I would never be able to see my growth, so I choose to ways that I want to grow. And, my growth focus for 2010 is to grow in the word of God. I want to study more, learn more, and continue to heavily seek His face. After God gave me the ministry of The Journey to Destiny and MendedSpirit Ministries, I found myself still reading, but I was writing more than I was studying.

So, here are the changes to The Journey to Destiny for 2010:
1. There will only be 2-3 posts a week. (Mostly on Tuesday, Thursday, and one weekend day)
2. There will be reflection questions at the end of each post. These questions will be there to make the site more interactive for you and to help you directly apply the Word to your life. (sort of a devotional format) You may choose to get a notebook or journal to keep the questions and answers in each week so you can reflect back upon them later.
3. I am asking for your feedback. Let me know how God is moving in your life. If you need some spiritual advice of have a topic you would like me to cover, please feel free to e-mail,send me a private message on the guestbook, inbox me on facebook, or make comment after the posts. You can do this anonomyously if you wish to.

I am excited about what God is going to do for you and The Journey to Destiny in 2010 and the years to come. I thank God for you traveling on this journey with me. Love and Blessings!