"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Desperate for Deliverance

Imagine, you have a serious problem. You have spent twelve years focusing all of your efforts on getting rid of your problem. You are considered unclean, and are out casted from society. You are used to being alone, because you have been alone for so very long. Not a friend in the world, and many will not touch you or allow you to touch them for fear of becoming like you. You can't even bribe people to be around you because you have spent everything you have on hopeless remedies that fail to cure you. Your life is lonely, and you are desperate! You only want to feel good again physically, and mentally. Along comes Jesus!

You have heard about Jesus, and you believe in His power. You think about it deeply. If the regular people in society will not allow you to interact with them, what would Jesus do if you came close to Him? That thought quickly escapes your mind, as your disparity overtakes your actions. You begin to walk toward that place where you heard Jesus will be. You stay low to the ground, careful not to make notice of yourself. You can't yell His name, for fear that everyone will once again outcast you; but rather, you reach out and grasp just a small piece of His garment, the piece that is found at the bottom; the piece that is probably dirty from His travels. You touch the hem of His garment, and instantly, you feel the problem drift out of your body! But, Jesus felt you touch Him! You become nervous and embarrassed because you know that you are out of place. You fall to your knees, and He can hear the disparity and pain in your voice as you fearfully explain why you pressed your way though the madness just to touch Him. Rather than scold you for being out of order, He explains to you that it is your faith that has healed you. You are the woman with the issue of blood!
(Mark 5:25-34)

I LOVE the story of the woman with the issue of blood. It may be my favorite event that occurred in the Bible next to Jesus' birth and resurrection. I love the fact that this woman had tried everything there was to try, and knew that all that was left for her to do was to touch Jesus. I love that she was not going to let anyone stop her! I love that fact that she touched Him indiscreetly. I love that she defied what others commanded and expected her to do to get her deliverance. I love her determination and disparity to become better. And, I love how she so boldly took a risk of being turned away by Jesus, just as others had done her. I love that He didn't turn her away. Rather than turn her away, He referred to her lovingly as "Daughter". I can only imagine how this felt for her to be called daughter when being exiled and out casted for so long. This term shows that Jesus truly loved and cared for her.

Her deliverance all narrows down to one simple fact. She was a woman of faith! Her disparity had led her to Jesus, as ours does as well. Have you ever been so desperate that you knew it was only Jesus that could heal you or fix your issue?

Many successful people are just that because of disparity. People are born every day in poverty, abuse, neglect, and other emotional and physical issues. Many of these people become desperate and defy the odds! They are desperate to become a better person than those that are in charge of them in their adolescence. They put all of their efforts into their talents and abilities, and use this as a method to reach what they consider to be a successful status. Others like them, do the opposite and allow their disparity to overtake their thoughts and actions which may lead to a painful and miserable life. They may simply accept their current situation, and never become desperate enough to take risks to make it better. What if the woman with the issue of blood never became desperate? What if she would have simply accepted her exile and continued to live miserably? What would have come of her?

Disparity leads to faith. When Christian believers are desperate, they believe that something has to change in or around them, and they begin to work for the change. When we need a change, sometimes we may need to be delivered from someone, some thing, or some place. We become desperate for deliverance. When you truly believe in Christ, you know that it is only God's power that can deliver you from your issue. And, isn't it lovely that despite what the issue is, and who has out casted or exiled us, that Jesus will accept our plea for deliverance?

How desperate do we really get with our issues? We complain about them. We cry about them. We may even curse about them, but how long do we have to be chained down before we become desperate for God's deliverance? How bold are we to take our chains to God and place them at His feet? Can we really leave them there? Sometimes we deal with issues for so long, that the issue actually begins to define our daily living and becomes embedded within us. Do we really trust God to deliver us? The woman with the issue of blood must have known that she would be made whole to make such an appearance in public! What strong faith! I admire the faith in this woman for being so desperate for her deliverance!

Lord, I thank You for every work You have done in my life, large or small. Lord, I thank You for the story of the woman with the issue of blood. I thank You for her bold example to press though madness in order to just touch you. I thank You for the desperate times in my life when you have delivered me. I thank You for Your grace, mercy, and forgiveness that You have upon me. Lord, I realize that You are the only source of my strength and help. Thank You for touching me and accepting me when no one else did. Thank You for loving me and seeing the good in me when no one else could, including myself. No one can love me and treat me like You can. You are the only one worthy of my praise and I will forever praise You. Thank you Father for understanding the plight of living life. Forgive me for times when I have had little faith in you. I pray that in future desperate times, I come to You as my only source of deliverance where I know I will be made whole again! I Love You Father.


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