"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Speak the Word!!!

Have you ever had a day that seemed like you were wearing a gigantic memo on your forehead or your back that read:

To All that Come in Contact with Me Today:

If you would, please do your very best to work my nerves today. I really want you to take all of your anger and frustrations out on me, even though I have absolutely nothing to do with the reason behind your anger and frustrations. Please give a smart or sarcastic remark when I ask you a simple question. Please roll your eyes and blow your breath as hard as you can to communicate to me that you find me irritating, even though I just walked into the room and have not been near you for five minutes. Please shoot down my every idea and let me know just how "not into it" that you really are. Please, just let me know how you really feel. Please treat me as mean as you possibly can and expect me to know why you are treating me that way. Oh, and I would really appreciate it if you would hate on me in any way possible! Please push my every button, and disrespect me, yet, still expect me to treat you respectfully.

In last night's post, I wrote about how some things happen just because. Sometimes you feel that there is no constant in your life. Sometimes you feel that no matter how much effort you put forth, there will always be negative situations and circumstances in your life. Some days, you will feel like everything is working against you, nothing is going as you expected, and everyone around is working to tear you down from top to bottom. I also mentioned in last night's post that there is a constant in our life, and that is God and the fact that He loves us.

You see, when we chose to live for God, we actually did put a target on our backs. (And, just because someone was baptized and goes to church every Sunday does not mean that they are living their life for God. I've learned that "church folks" can hurt you worse than those who don't know who God is.) The target that I speak of tonight is the fact that Christians are a peculiar and set apart people. The Bible refers to Christians that live for God as "the salt of the earth." (Matt. 5:13, Mark 9:50) We stand out in today's society.

We must become aware of how we react when it feels like we are having a "bad day," and be sure that we are reacting in a way that will show that Christ resides within us. When a Christian messes up, the first comment is, "Hummm....And she calls herself a Christian." Some people just press for ways to make us mess up, so they can get joy out of our slip up.

At the Sister to Sister conference last year, I was definitely convicted when Dr. Tara Jenkins talked about how we bless our food and curse our neighbor with the same mouth. Yes, people and situations are going to get on our nerves because we have a flesh side, but we have a weapon to fight against the wedges that try to squeeze their way between us and God. That weapon is the word!

Speak the word when you feel that you are being tried. Most of the scriptures that we speak to keep us strong and to acknowledge to God that we are being tried and we know He has our back, are scriptures that were spoken by someone from the Biblical era that was going through something. There is power in the word of God; Power to keep you sane, Power to keep you from cursing someone out, Power to help you remove yourself from a situation, Power to help you look beyond someone else's flaws and be respectful towards them even if they don't show respect towards you, and Power to display the God in you. Speak the word and use it as a weapon against negativity and as a tool of strength.

The next time you feel that someone is working against you, and are trying to tear you down, speak Is. 55:17 or Ps. 27:1-4.

The next time you feel that you aren't talented enough, speak Phil. 4:13
The next time you feel afraid, speak Is. 12:2.
The next time you feel that all the bad stuff is happening to you, speak Romans 8:28
The next time you feel tired, speak 2 Cor. 12:9
And, to remind us of whose we are, speak Ps. 23

Lord, I come now thanking You for Your word. Lord, I know that situations, circumstances, and people in this life my frustrate and discourage me. Thank You for sending Your word for me to speak in those times. Lord I ask that You continue to make me aware of how I react to difficult situations and people. Bring Your word to my remembrance in those times, Father, so that I may speak it! I know there is power in Your word. Lord, I ask your forgiveness for times when I chose to allow my flesh to take over my reactions to difficult people and situations. Lord, I thank You for being a forgiving God, and want you to know that I love you today!

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