"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, November 20, 2009

An Unexpected Destination

Have you ever ended up in a place and you can't figure out how you got there? Sometimes we end up around people that we didn't intentionally plan on being around. We end up in places that we don't intentionally plan on being.

I am attending the Sister-to-Sister conference, and last night was out opening service. Bishop Joseph Walker preached on a Biblical figure that I had never encountered in my own studies. His name is Mephibosheth. (2 Samuel Chapter 9)

The interesting fact about Mephiosheth is that he resided in a place called Lodebar. Lodebar was a place of rejection and isolation. Bishop Walker pointed out that Mephibosheth lived in Lodebar because he was dropped as a baby, causing him to become immobile, or lame. Lodebar was the place where the lame resided. In a few more versus of reading, Lodebar ends up at the King's table, a place where obviously, he and anyone else thought he would never be. I'm sure that his presence at the table was socially unacceptable because there he was, a nothing at the table with the highest figure of authority, the king.

On our journey to our destiny, God has a tracking device. He already knows where we are coming from and to which place we are going. I like to call this God's positioning system. If we follow God's directions, He will direct us to the places and position us around the people that we must encounter in order to reach His destination for us. We must be faithful. It was Mephibosheth's faithfulness to God that led him to his destiny. It was also the fact that everyone else had counted him out. This left room for God to pour his favor all over him. This favor put things in Mephibosheth's future that others around him could not see.

Sometimes we can't even see where we are headed or for what purpose. We must be faithful and obedient unto God. It is in our faithfulness and obedience that God can order our every step. Bishop Walker stated that we often judge people on their right now, and not their not yet. But remember, God's delay is not a denial!

What do you need to come out of today? Ask God to show you where it is He is headed and what you must do in order to get there. Then, be patient and let God work. He may not come when we want Him, but He is always right on time!

Lord, I thank you right now that you are my awesome creator. I thank you for loving me when others didn't. I thank you that when others judged me on my right now, you had a not yet waiting in my shower of blessings. Lord, I ask that you help me to be faithful and obedient unto your direction and your word. Position me, O Lord, where I need to be and around who I need to be in order for your will to be done in my life. I love you Lord today, and I praise your Holy Name. Forgive me for any time I have not been obedient unto your will and your way. Please continue to keep me, hold me, and cover me. Thank you for your miracles and blessings that you have manifested and will manifest in my life. I love you Lord today!

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