"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Positioned to Be Blessed!

Have you ever prayed for something, but it seemed like the more you prayed for it, the farther away you come to it? Maybe it was a new job, maybe it was a mate, or maybe it was a material necessity such as a car or home that you prayed for. Let's face it, we have all prayed and asked God to bless us with something, whether it is an object, a relationship with a certain person, or an opportunity. We pray and petition to God for His blessings because we recognize that He holds the power that determines whether or not we receive what we so deeply desire after. Sometimes we feel like when we pray for a specific need or want, (usually a want) and nothing happens that God is not listening or acting upon our desires. And, after not receiving what we think of as a sign that our blessing is on the way, we stop praying and can sometimes harden our heart toward God.

I began to think upon people who have shared with me that they are praying for a specific purpose. They have shared with me what they desired and why. They have also shared their frustration after the patience of waiting on God began to wear thin. They would ask the question "why" am I not getting what I desire. I am not God, so therefore could render no definite answer, but this question has been one that has been on my mind for the past couple of days. I asked God, why is it that some things that we pray for, we don't receive.

Now, remember, God is our Father. He knows what is best for us, and what it will take for us to become what He has ordained us to be.

I came to the realization that many times, we are not positioned to be blessed with what we have petitioned God for. For example, if you are not humble with the titles that you currently hold, God will not bless and entrust you to become the leader over more. If you are praying for a spouse, God will not bless you with one if you are not living righteously in your singleness. If you are praying for more finances, God will not bless you with more money if you are making poor financial decisions with your current income. God will not give us blessings to abuse! If He knows we can't handle it, or we are not ready for it, then we will not receive it.

On the other hand, people do receive things that do not come from God. A person can obtain all of the above without God because the devil blesses too! But, only what comes from God will last and prosper. I can obtain more money illegally, which will not last. I can marry the first person that I meet, and the marriage may not last. I can become a leader in an underhanded way, but my leadership will eventually crumble.
Many times we are not in a position to be blessed because we are not mature enough spiritually, our heart may still contain selfishness, or we are not even grateful for what we currently have.

The position that we should be in as a Christian is a position of worship. Our minds and hearts should be Christ focused. When we are focused on growing closer to our Lord, our assignment to build His kingdom, and strengthening our relationship with him, it is then that we are in a position to be blessed.

I can't help but to think of the story of Mary and Martha. Jesus arrived at the home of sisters Mary and Martha. Martha was totally focused on making a good impression on Jesus. She was focused on what the house looked like, what the food was going to taste like, etc... Yet, her sister Mary was focused on Jesus. She got as low as she could (at His feet) in order to offer Him the highest form of service and worship. She washed His feet with her perfumed oil, which she could have sold for money since she was considered a poor woman, and her hair. What a position of worship and service she was in to be blessed. She was poor and could have taken this opportunity to ask Jesus for the things in life she felt deficit of, such as money, but yet, she chose to worship Him instead! (John 12 KJV)

Won't you get in position with me today? With Christmas around the corner, we often find ourselves praying for money or material things that we think will make us and those around us enjoy the holiday. However, I challenge you to focus on Christ. Get into a position of total praise and worship in your prayers! Jesus is the center of my joy! When we have Him, everything we need is supplied to us!

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